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At the ISKCON Columbus we take the distribution of Srila Prabhupada's books as a priority. Srila Prabhupada told us that Book Distribution is his life and soul. He also said,
"Even if one reads just one line carefully (from ISKCON books), his life will be successful!"
"Every word, each and every word, is for the good of human society."

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If setting up on your own: Payee name: ISKCON Columbus, Address: 379 West 8th Ave Columbus, OH 43201. If you have any questions, contact Ram Tirtha Das at 614-404-8570 or stop by in the temple.
“One should distribute viṣṇu-prasāda to everyone. Know that Lord Viṣṇu (Krishna) is very pleased when everyone is sumptuously fed with viṣṇu-prasāda”. – Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 8.16.56

Book Distribution is Most Important and Pleasing to Srila Prabhupada:

Your report of book distribution is very encouraging. Please go on increasing more and more. Yes, you should become the topmost temple for distributing my books. This is a very good proposal. That is the only way to please me. Distribute my books profusely. That is real preaching. (Letter to: Bala Krsna - Vrindaban 23 October, 1976)

This book distribution is the essence of our mission. (Letter to: Rupanuga - Bombay 18 December, 1974)

Go on selling books. That is my desire. (Letter to: Kurusrestha: - Ahmedabad 26 September, 1975)

Your report of the book distribution there is very encouraging. Make program to distribute our books all over the world. Our books are being appreciated by learned circles, so we should take advantage. Whatever progress we have made, it is simply to distributing these books. So go on, and do not divert your mind for a moment from this. I have full confidence in you. (Letter to: Ramesvara: - Mayapur 11 October, 1974)

Whenever there is any publication in any language, it enlivens me 100 times. (Letter to: Hamsaduta: - Mayapur 19 October, 1974)

Prabhupada: You consult among you. So I want to see simply distribution of books in any language. That I want. (Room Conversation - July 27-28, 1977, Vrndavana)
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