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ISKCON volunteers are running a club at Ohio State University under ISKCON Yoga Circle by partnering with current OSU students. We conduct weekly vegetarian cooking workshops at campus where more than 80 students attend. Most of them are western students. We demonstrate different vegetarian dishes every week and discuss about the ingredients, different spices that we use, their health benefits and also share recipes with the participants. Many students actively participate by cutting the vegetables, setting up tables and chairs and at the end they also help in cleanup. During the demonstration, we talk about the importance of vegetarian food, diet, nature, health, environment, ecology, science, and how meat industry and unhealthy food habits are impacting the people, their life styles, economy, and environment. We facilitate the interactive sessions where students express their views, comments and understand the alternative options for different eating habits. We try to make this as fun activity. At the end we also conduct meditation and yoga techniques such as mantra meditation with Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

For further Information, Please contact Naveen Krishna das or Damodar Priya das

Phone: 614-316-8936 (Naveen)
Facebook Group: Vegetarian Cooking Workshop


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